Medical Departments / Specialized Centers
Business hours - Weekdays: 09:00-18:00
- Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00
- Emergency ward is operated 24 hours a day without holidays.
Marking Reservation for Medical Treatment 1. e-mail :
2. TEL : 053-550-5544
3. FAX : 053-552-4000
Welcome to W HOSPITAL!

W HOSPITAL is one of the most outstanding hospitals in Korea and is playing important role as a leader in education, research and clinical practices. We are fully prepared to offer comfort and high quality medical services to the foreign patients by focusing on patient-oriented treatment.

Medical services feature
1. Special features of our medical services
Reservation service customers are the priority. We provide the fastest and most convenient medical services.
2. International coordinator and medical interpreter working full time
You will be able to receive accurate medical services through 1:1 interpretation exclusive for the foreign patients throughout the entire processes involved ranging from consultation to reservation for treatment, visiting period and follow-up care after return to the home country.
3. VIP services for hospitalized patients
For the convenience of the foreign patients, we operate exclusive hospital ward for the VIP to provide comfort of their stay for treatment in accordance with the preferences of each of the patients including a wide range of meals by considering their nationalities and cultures.
Procedures for the medical treatment:
Step 1: Reservation  Step 2: Invitation to the hospital  Step 3: Return home
Step.1 Reservation 1. Exchange of patient information prior to surgery
2. Consultation on the medical and visit schedule in advance
Step.2 Invitation to
the hospital
1. Initial examination and preliminary tests
2. Explanations and preliminary education on the treatment
3. Hospitalized life at the VIP hospital ward
4. Execution of intensive rehabilitation therapy
Step.3 Return home 1. Medical treatment record and medical diagnosis record
2. Guidance on rehabilitation after discharge from the hospital
3. On-line medical consultations following return to home country