Welcome to W Hospital, The biggest Hand Surgery Center in Korea

W HOSPITAL, which was opened in 2008, acquired global reputation throughout the country through the treatment of diseases related to hand surgery and micro-surgery, and expanded the hospital by moving to into the new hospital with 2 underground floors and 10 above ground floors, total floor area of 11,385㎡ and 300 hospital beds in Dalseo-gu, Daegu Metropolitan City on April 11, 2015, after 8 years of initial opening.

The newly constructed W HOSPITAL has reflected a diverse range of conveniences and medical services provided to the patients with the foremost priority from the architectural design stage. The Hospital is equipped with a total of 8 operating rooms capable of executing emergency surgery throughout 24 hours a day through the introduction of 3.0T MRI, the most advanced medical examination equipment, and designation as the local emergency medical institution. Among these, 2 aseptic operating rooms is able to maintain aseptic conditions by removing germs and viruses in the air infused into the room and to sustain the humidity and temperature appropriate for the surgery. Although it cost 5 times higher to construct than ordinary operating rooms, the Hospital made bold and unsparing investment in order to prevent secondary infection that manifest in surgical environment and to ensure the safety of our patients.

W HOSPITAL had its objective excellence in medical practices through the designation as a hospital specializing in reconnection of the fingers by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, designation as an institution for recruitment of foreign patients by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, designation as a leading institution in Medi-City medical tourism and acquisition of certification as a medical institution by the Ministry of Health & Welfare. Moreover, the Hospital is fully prepared to provide high quality medical services to foreigners wishing to be treated at the W HOSPITAL by allocating physicians and nurses with fluency in various English. Specialized medical staffs in each of the areas of 'Institute for Hand & micro reconstructive surgery', 'Institute for Orthopaedic surgery', 'Institute for Foot & ankle disease & trauma', 'Institute for Spinal Rehabilitation and pain medicine' offer high quality medical services as well as comfortable ambience to foreign patients.

In addition, the assertive activities of the medical staffs of W HOSPITAL in medicine including presentation of clinical theses, continuous winning of thesis awards and participation in academic symposium in both Korea and overseas countries are known widely throughout the world. Foreign medical doctors with a wide range of nationalities including India, Russia, Hong Kong and Nepal as well as medically advanced countries such as USA and Germany are lining up every year. Therefore, W HOSPITAL, in order to fulfill our responsibility as an educational institution, has implemented Live Surgery System for the disclosure of the surgical procedures in real time and passing on the know-how at the same time. As illustrated, W HOSPITAL has become an educational institution that many of the highly reputed specialists at home and abroad are recommending in a wide range of medical fields.

Thank you very much for your kind interest in W HOSPITAL.

Sang-Hyun Woo, M.D.,Ph.D / CEO & President, W Hospital