Spine & Rehabilitation and Pain Center Disease

It is an integrated Spine Rehabilitation and Pain Center that is fully responsible for the management of the pain and rehabilitation therapy prior to and during the surgery as well as recovery of the patients who undergoes surgery. The Center believes that pains do not necessarily accompany diseases but must be treated or managed by finding the causes of the pain.

Hand manipulation exercise therapy

It is a rehabilitation therapy technique that exclusively uses hands and highly proficient therapist with abundance of specialized experiences will conduct the therapy on 1:1 basis. Composite rehabilitation therapy that combines the balancing of the muscles with stretching functions is executed.

Non-surgical injection therapy for pain

Majority of pains that manifest in human body are caused due to the asymmetric function of the body due to the non-alignment of the skeletal framework. In order to solve this problem, we apply non-surgical therapy that assist the human body to realign itself on its own with priority in principle rather than hurriedly execute surgical treatment.